Our Team

Justen Charters Co-Founder and Co-CEO
John Hendricks
John Hendricks Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Tom Billard Chief Operating Officer and National Security Analyst
Mitchell Edwards Chief of Research and Development
Frank Montoya Jr. Senior Consultant and National Security Analyst
Jarosław Stróżyk Senior Consutant
Kervin Aucoin Content Editor and Senior Intelligence Analyst
Ron Mahrs Consultant and Staff Writer
Jennifer Counter Staff Writer and Analyst
Steve Draper Senior Consultant and Staff Writer
Natiq Malikzada Middle East Analyst
Sean Moudy Cyber Editor and Senior Analyst
Kyla Chester Editor and Senior Analyst
Olga Lautman Russian Affairs Consultant and Staff Writer
Ryan Shields Assistant Editor and Producer
Alireza Nader Senior Consultant and Iran Analyst
Christen Cho Senior Middle East Analyst
Brannan Brouse Senior Investigative Analyst
Jarom Drummond South Asia Analyst
Pete Groehler Staff Writer and Analyst
Max Lesser Research Analyst and Associate Editor
Connor Ohalloran Staff Writer and Analyst
Brig Barker Counterterrorism Editor
Dr. Michael Clayborn Cybersecurity Consultant and Staff Writer
Richard Caton Research Analyst and Staff Writer
Navazish Ansari Research Analyst and Staff Writer
Sadhvi S Cyber Analyst
William Adams Wildlife Trafficking Researcher and Writer
Ngaira Mandela Cyber Analyst
Emmanuel Gira Research Analyst and Staff Writer
Dave Nielsen Staff Writer
Karel J Researcher
Dr. Fayeza Fayez Afghan Affairs Analyst
Seroun Mouradian Human Rights Analyst
Genevieve Northup Staff Writer and Analyst
Colin Tomchick Senior Editor
Emilio Iasiello
Emilio Iasiello Staff Writer and Analyst
Logan Bolan Cartographer and Staff Writer
Aravindan D Staff Writer and Analyst
Courtney Staff Writer and Analyst
Sarah M. Carlson Staff Writer and Analyst
Adam Abass African Affairs Analyst
Pashtana Durrani
Pashtana Durrani Staff Writer and Human Rights Analyst